Saturday, 28 January 2017 02:08

Coolroom clearance! Featured

We're clearing out some of our favourite 2016 one-off brews with this offer of nine mixed cartons only, packed with four each of the following:

ELF 2016 - Ella, Leggett and Fuggle hops in a malty amber base, 5.9% abv;
Platypus 300 - our 300th brew was a rich, dark-brown ale infused with hazelnuts and Tasmanian mountain pepper, 6% abv; and
Swordfishtrombones - a sonically-infused steam ale brewed with red beet, sugar beet and Tom Waits' beats 6.2%abv, surprisingly clean and refreshing.

That's 12 x 750ml bottles of very lovely brews for $119 plus postage. No swaps in and out of the mix, these beers are packed and ready for despatch.

Buy online via or pop into our cellar door during opening hours 11am to 5pm Wednesday to Sunday.

When they're gone, they're gone!

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