Smokin' Jozef is now available online. The first batch of this ground breaker didn't make it onto the website because it sold so quickly in our cellar door that we didn't have time to allocate online stock! More information about Smokin' Jozef is available in our online store.
Our annual hop harvest brew ELF is also being launched this weekend. ELF is an English-style extra special bitter, very malty and 5.9abv, to which we've added Tasmanian Ella hops, plus our own Leggett and Fuggle hops picked on the March 2021 long weekend. To the dismay of our ELF fans, last year's batch had to be tipped after an issue with the thermostat while we were away for one night at Evan and Steph's wedding, so we're really happy to report that this year's ELF has been successful and is now bottled and ready for consumption.
With less weight and smaller dimensions, we were hoping to offer lower freight prices on Smokin' Jozef but as we're already wearing up to $15 per carton of the freight cost to most destinations, freight for the cans is still costing us more than the actual freight price we charge. We are hoping to grow our online business so we can negotiate better freight rates.
Read more about these and our other brews in our online store, access via the button below.