A bottle and a glass of Swordfish Trombones beer framed by a trombone, sitting on a cloth with a small dish of hop pellets and scattered barley.
We’re more than halfway through Winter and while there are fewer visitors around, we’ve been busy in the brewhouse catching up after Dark Mofo Winterfeast.

We’re currently trading Friday to Sunday from 11am to 5pm, except for Sunday 14th and Sunday 21st August. From 1 September we’ll resume trading five days a week (Wednesday to Sunday) and will be offering food again on the weekends from 3 September.

At other times you can order online: we’re still doing free delivery in Tasmania and wearing some of the freight cost on our interstate orders.

We’ve recently added Swordfish Trombones to the online store, a beer brewed with beetroot, sugar beet and Tom Waits beats during the primary ferment. It doesn’t look anything like beetroot (or swordfish for that matter): it’s a clean, refreshing brew with a hint of sweet earthiness and a very deceptive 6.2%abv.

If that sounds a bit scary, our other innovation this winter is putting BoHo Pils into cans, which will be available on our website soon. BoHo is a fine, easy-drinking lager and a great match for picnics and barbeque food. Along with a new label we’ve purchased our first barcode, a requirement that will soon be on all our products to comply with the Tasmanian container refund scheme*
BoHo Can label image with barcode
Our winter special brewery tour can be booked via the Off Season website here https://off-season-offers.discovertasmania.com.au/business/617626f789fcb2.28673889/seven-sheds-brewery-meadery-hop-garden-1

There’s also a great accommodation package available close by for you and your friends or family, which you can check out here https://off-season-offers.discovertasmania.com.au/business/6179f1151388a0.13173633/base-camp-railton-1

Catherine, Willie and team Seven Sheds
*a legislative response to a problem that isn’t caused by our consumers, for which we are expected to add 10c per item to the cost price plus an annual barcode subscription: “That’ll be ten dollars and ten cents….”
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