Sitting on stained timber, a glass of dark brown beer with a pale brown foam sits next to an antique green bottle labelled Platypus 500. The background is grass, flowers to the left and hop bines to the right with trees further back, white fluffy clouds dominate the blue sky.
A couple of months ago we realised we were fast approaching our 500th brew! As with previous "centuries" we looked for some unique ingredients to create something special for what has become synonymous with an elusive brown beast found in Tasmania's (and other Australian) waterways.
After discovering the health benefits of kunzea oil during our stay in Tasmania's north-east earlier this year, Willie has been researching this native Australian plant and decided to give it a crack, despite suggestions that it would kill the yeast and possibly stop the fermentation. Willie hand-foraged kunzea flowers north of Launceston following a tip-off from one of our apiarist friends.
As always, Willie's mastery prevailed and the resulting brew fermented beautifully and is an amazing expression of kunzea as well as the complex grain bill which includes seven different malts plus rolled rye and Tassie hemp hearts.
Platypus 500 is a bold expression of Australian bush that complements red meats and ripe cheeses beautifully.

3 Black Cats is back

3 Black Cats sold out so quickly last year that we didn't have time to put it in the online store. Black Inca, Willie Warmer and Stark Raven were blended on oak in a whisky cask over several months to create this fine brew. At $20 a bottle it might be one you'd like to include in a mixed carton? We'll put up some suggestions including this beauty in our online store. Contact us direct if there's a mix of our beers you'd like us to organise for you.
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