Elephants Trunk Belgian Strong Ale 12 x 750ml bottles


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Elephants Trunk is a Belgian Strong Ale with new world influences including Ella hops. Brewed in Tasmania. 7% abv.

18 in stock


Back after a six year absence, Elephants Trunk gives a Tassie nod to the heavy Belgian strong ale tradition.
Weighing in at 7% abv, Elephants Trunk is best enjoyed strapped to your favourite armchair.

Belgian Strong Ale

This style encompasses a range of high alcohol beers originating in Belgium including golden ales, dubbels and tripels.
“Belgian Beer” has become almost synonymous with these rich, flavoursome high alcohol brews, many of which were first brewed in monasteries centuries ago.
Ranging from 6% through to 9% abv, Belgian strong ales are at their finest when savoured slowly on a cool day in front of a warm fire with good friends.

Brewing notes

Brewed with dark candy sugar, a Trappist ale yeast and sweet coloured malts, Elephants Trunk is a full-bodied beer with fruity esters and a gentle burst of Ella and Golding bitterness.

Elephants Trunk?

It’s okay to be a little bit Elephants Trunk, as long as you’re not Brahms and Liszt.
The name is derived from rhyming slang, nothing to do with Belgium at all (unless you’re an English passenger on a day-trip to Bruges).


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