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Splitter is a carton of 24 cans: 12 cans of BoHo Pils and 12 cans of St Ella India Pale Ale.

8 in stock (can be backordered)


“Do you do a splitter?” a customer asked. “I want half BoHo Pils and half SIPA.”
Of course we do!
Twelve cans of our BoHo Pils and twelve cans of our St Ella India Pale Ale make up this carton of fine brews, a very approachable meeting of clean, crisp lager and heavy-hitting ale styles.
BoHo at 4.9% abv is great for warm sunny afternoons, oysters, white meats and beach time while St Ella at 6.8% is a perfect companion for cooler evenings while enjoying pizza, pasta and hot spicy meals.


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