Spring Selection


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Spring Selection: 12 x 750ml bottles including three bottles each of Kentish Ale, Paradise Pale, ELF and Cherry Saison.

19 in stock

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Two of our classics and two of our seasonals are available in Willie’s 2023 Spring Selection.
Three bottles each of Kentish Ale and summer classic Paradise Pale are in the mix.
Three bottles of autumn brew ELF are included – though it’s spring, it’s still cool enough to enjoy this malty brew in the southern states and on chilly inland evenings away from the coast (and anywhere in Tasmania).
The last three bottles in the mix are our Cherry Saison, which has been locked away in the coolroom for several months for clarity and flavour development. Don’t be fooled by the clean finish, this one checks in at 6.3%abv.
Almond blossom not included.


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