Summer special – 16 x 500ml refreshing brews


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Four refreshing brews to help you wind down after your summer adventures. Seven Sheds summer mix includes four x 500ml bottles each of Wildebeer, Paradise Pale, BoHo Pils and Black Inca.

12 in stock


Look no further for a refreshing brew this summer. We’ve put four 500ml bottles of Paradise Pale* into this mix, complementing  four each of our thirst-quenching BoHo pils; sessionable Wildebeer red hemp ale; and four delicious chocolatey Black Incas. Ranging from 4.4% to 5.8% ABV, work through this range to quench the thirst, before finishing off with chocolatey goodness. Paradise Pale is a favourite when coming straight off the trails, Wildebeer and BoHo are refreshing rewards while slaving over a hot BBQ and Black Inca is one for sipping slowly at the end of a long day, whether working or adventuring, because you deserve it.

All four match well with food, see their individual listings on this site for more information.

*Paradise Pale 500ml bottles are only available in this mix. Paradise Pale is also available by the carton of 12 x 750ml bottles and in The Classics carton mix.


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