Kentish Ale – 12x750ml inspired English ale style


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Kentish Ale is inspired by English ales, enhanced with a blend of old and new-world hops. 5.2% abv.

19 in stock (can be backordered)


Kentish Ale is our flagship brew and was our first commercial beer. Inspired by some of our favourite English ale styles, we’ve infused  it with a blend of new and old-world hops including Tasmanian-grown Ella and Cascade; and English Golding hops.

This is a wonderful beer to wash down a barbequed brattie or a cold pork pie; it also works well with chicken or goat curry; and roast pork with apple sauce.

At 5.2% abv it provides a satisfying balance between malty sweetness and hoppy bitterness.

Also available in our “The Classics” mixed carton or can be included in your own mix of our 12 x 750ml bottles.

3 reviews for Kentish Ale – 12x750ml inspired English ale style

  1. Steven

    Just loved it. Like an English beer and quite simply marvelous on-tap. In the bottle a delight.

  2. Peter (Blakes Manor Deloraine)

    I enjoy Boags Wizard Smith, but just tried the Kentish Ale. The Seven Sheds Kentish Ale is a superior brew as it is cleaner on the palate, crisper and more flavoursome. The hops used perfectly balance the traditional English Ale style. Will definitely become a regular drop in our fridge. Highly recommended.

    • Nova Sevensheds

      Thanks for your review Peter, we look forward to seeing you again soon.

  3. Mike Jordan

    Came to your brewery this week and enjoyed the Kentish ll am man of Kent ,as a boy l spent the hop session pulling down the binds,getting soaked from the water which came down with the bind. All this to pay for new school shoes.
    At fourteen l worked on a farm,during which time l had to spend nights in the oast house drying the hops,We burned sulphur to kill bugs,when the wind was blowing in the wrong direction the sulphur backed up choking us,we had to go outside to escape the gas.
    l can speak from experience and say that your ales are really, really excellent.
    l live in Brisbane so far from your brewery.dam it !!
    Best wishes

    • Catherine Catherine

      Thanks for visiting and for your hop harvest memories! Thankfully things are a little nicer for the pickers these days. Glad you enjoyed the brews too, cheers!

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