• Cherry Saison is a Belgian farmhouse ale style brewed with cherry juice, biscuit and honey malts. 6.3% abv.
  • Smokin Bagpipes is a sweet, smokey scotch ale that will stop you in your tracks. At 7.5% abv it's rich and malty, providing a complex and satisfying beverage experience that stands out from regular beers and is better suited to the cooler months. Loved by Islay whisky drinkers, this brew is definitely not a beer for the faint-hearted! Produced annually at Seven Sheds brewery in Tasmania's north-west, Smokin Bagpipes has a strong following among beer enthusiasts throughout the island state and is regularly requested by our interstate mail order customers. It's also available as part of a mixed carton alongside some of our other 500ml lines such as The Heavyweights and by request at Launceston's Saturday morning Harvest Market https://harvestmarket.org.au/ or during opening hours at our Railton cellar door.
  • Three Seven Sheds brews that have stood the test of time, The Classics craft beer pack includes four x 750ml bottles each of Kentish Ale, Paradise Pale and Willie Warmer.
  • A hoppy, golden ale designed for lazy summer afternoons, Paradise Pale is a blend of wheat and barley malts and galaxy hops. It's a perfectly relaxing at 5%abv!
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    Tasmanian Ella, Leggett and Fuggle hops combined in a malty autumn ale, only brewed once a year. 5.9% abv.